by Kolazomai

PySQLExec --- SQLExec for Linux

PySQLExec is a free powerful easy-to-use graphical SQLExec written in Python for both Linux and Windows to deal with MSSQL Servers.

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*) Connecting to MSSQL-Servers

*) Executing commands remotely

*) Make your own commands, that you can execute on the MSSQL-Server [ default: xp_cmdshell "%s" ]

*) Execute local Scripts remotely [ e.g. *.bat ]

*) Save all Output in a Textfile

*) Save all executed Commands in a Textfile

*) "Scroll" through Command-history with the Array-Keys

*) Changeable Backgrounds: White - Grey - Black [ default ]


Current version 1.1

Download PySQLExec



1. How to install PySQLExec ?

First of all, download PySQLExec from here.

Under *nix:

Unpack it via

"tar xfz PySQLExec.tar.gz"

and as root


PySQLExec will install now itself to your local Computer and you can easily start it with


Under Windows:

Unpack the with WinZip or WinRar. Then Double-Click on PySQLExec.pyw.

Please reconsider, that you


1. have Python2.4 or higher installed ( )

2. have pymssql installed

3. linked all .py(w) with your Python2.4 Interpreter.

[ You can also download the .tar.gz , unpack it with WinRar, and start the ]


2. Do I need any Extra-Packages so far and how do I install them ?

For both Linux and Windows you need pymssql.

Pymssql is a Library, that can communicate with MSSQL-Servers.

Under *nix:

* Under Debian:

# apt-get install freetds-dev

$ wget -O freetds.tgz && tar xfz freetds.tgz && cd freet* && ./configure && make && su


# make install

$ wget -O pymssql.tar.gz && tar xfz pymssql.tar.gz && cd pyms* && su


# apt-get install python2.4 python2.4-setuptools && python2.4 install

If links are broken, please take a look at "Other *nix"

* Other [*nix]:

- Get FreeTDS 0.63 or higher [Unix only : for pymssql ]

- Get pymssql

- Compile/Install Python2.4 with tcl/tk-Support (otherwise GUI won't work) [Unix only]

3. Why should I use PySQLExec ?

You should use PySQLExec, because there is no other SQLExec for Linux that is

1.) ... as easy to use ...

2.) ... as easy to configure ...

3.) ... as powerful ...

4.) ... as fast installed ...

5.) ... as small ...

6.) ... as free ...

as PySQLExec. And because there is no SQLExec for Linux except PySQLExec ;-)

[ I did not found one yet :P ]





Normal View

File Menu


Connect Success


Add Command

Idea by: zer0x

Coded by: Kolazomai 

Thanks for using this Programm!